The 10 most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world

Jewelry holds great significance in numerous cultures and throughout various civilizations. It serves multiple purposes and possesses value that extends far beyond its mere financial worth. Necklaces, in particular, have captivated people for countless centuries and will continue to do so long after our time. Among the most expensive jewelry pieces, the Jope Diamond reigns as the world’s most expensive, boasting a staggering value of over $200 million, comprised of 383.4 carats of precious stones. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the realm of the world’s most extravagant jewelry.

1. The Hope Diamond – $200- $250 Million

The Hope Diamond – most expensive piece of jewelry

Claiming the prestigious title of the world’s most expensive diamond, we have the renowned and legendary Hope Diamond. This exquisite piece of jewelry boasts a breathtaking necklace adorned with a stunning 45.52-carat deep-blue diamond, radiating elegance and sophistication. Its estimated value ranges between a staggering $200 and $250 million. Believed to have originated from the illustrious Golkonda mines in Southern India, this diamond has graced the necks of numerous prominent figures hailing from various corners of the globe.

2. A Heritage in Bloom – $200 Million

A Heritage in Bloom – $200 Million

Ranked at number 2 on the list is the awe-inspiring Heritage in Bloom, a masterpiece crafted by the renowned Chinese artisan, Wallace Chan. This extraordinary creation comes with a hefty price tag of $200 million. The entire set is adorned with an astonishing 383.4 carats of precious stones, each one more captivating than the last. The centerpiece of this remarkable necklace is a breathtaking colorless diamond, valued at an astounding $35 million. Complementing this exquisite gem are 600 resplendent pink diamonds, 114 mesmerizing ice-green jadeites, 72 lustrous white mutton fat jades, and an additional 19 divine colorless diamonds. The combined weight of these magnificent stones adds up to a substantial half-pound, lending the necklace a truly substantial presence.

What sets this remarkable piece apart is its modular design, allowing it to be worn in an astonishing 27 different ways. This versatility ensures that the wearer can effortlessly showcase their individual style and personality, making a bold statement with every appearance. Heritage in Bloom is not merely a necklace; it is a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and artistic vision of Wallace Chan. With its extraordinary beauty and remarkable versatility, this masterpiece stands as a true symbol of opulence and elegance.

3. Peacock Brooch ($100 million)

Peacock Brooch ($100 million) one of the most expensive piece of jewelry

Graff Diamonds unveiled the magnificent Peacock Brooch in 2013 at the prestigious TEFAF luxury arts and antique fair in the Netherlands. This exquisite piece of jewelry is adorned with a stunning array of 1,305 gemstones, including white, yellow, pink, orange, and green diamonds.
Notably, the brooch boasts a breathtaking blue diamond, weighing an impressive 20.02 carats. Despite its petite stature of just 10 cm, the Peacock Brooch commands an astounding price tag of $100 million.

4. Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond ($80 million)

Wittelsbach-Graff Diamond  ($80 million)

According to the historical account, King Philip IV of Spain originally possessed this magnificent 35.56-carat diamond. It was bestowed upon his daughter, Margarita Teresa, as a precious component of her dowry for her marriage to Emperor Leopold I of Austria in 1664.

For generations, the illustrious Wittelsbach diamond adorned the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels, symbolizing opulence and power. However, it eventually found its way into the hands of the esteemed jeweler, Laurence Graff, who acquired it for a staggering sum of $22 million. Recognizing its potential, Graff meticulously recut the diamond, refining its brilliance and reducing its weight to an exquisite 31.06 carats. In a remarkable turn of events, in 2011, the resplendent gem found a new home with a member of Qatar’s royal family, who acquired it for an astonishing $80 million. This extraordinary transaction not only attests to the enduring allure of the Wittelsbach diamond but also highlights the unwavering fascination and appreciation for such rare and precious treasures.

5. The Pink Star ($71.2 million)

The Pink Star ($71.2 million) expensive piece of jewelry

This exquisite and captivating pink diamond, previously referred to as the Steinmetz Pink, boasts a weight of 59.6 carats, making it the largest diamond ever evaluated by the GIA to possess the remarkable qualities of being “internally flawless” and “fancy vivid pink.” Originally discovered in Africa by De Beers in 1999, The Pink Star has undergone a transformation, now weighing an impressive 132.5 carats after being meticulously cut and polished. Not only does this remarkable gem possess unparalleled beauty, but it also holds the distinction of being the most valuable gem ever to be sold at auction. In a momentous event at Sotheby’s in April 2017, The Pink Star fetched an astonishing $71.2 million, solidifying its status as an unparalleled treasure in the world of gemstones.

6. Oppenheimer Blue ($57.5 million)

Oppenheimer Blue  ($57.5 million)

The Oppenheimer Blue diamond, weighing 14.62 carats, derives its name from its original owner. This exquisite gem captivated the audience at a Christie’s auction in May 2016, leaving them in awe. Despite its emerald-cut beauty, few could have anticipated the staggering price it commanded – a record-breaking $57.5 million. Today, the Oppenheimer Blue is hailed as one of the most coveted and valuable pieces of jewelry worldwide.

7. L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace ($55 Million)

L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace ($55 Million)

Jeweler Mouawad has crafted the world’s most valuable necklace, featuring the largest internally flawless diamond ever discovered. The necklace boasts a stunning 407-carat diamond, held by a rose gold chain adorned with an additional 230 carats of exquisite diamonds. With a total weight of 637 carats, this remarkable piece of jewelry secures its place as the seventh most expensive creation in our ranking.

The centerpiece diamond, known as the “Incomparable,” was fortuitously unearthed in the 1980s amidst mining waste in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its discovery is credited to a young girl who stumbled upon it. The “Incomparable” diamond gracefully hangs from the necklace, lending it a vine-like allure. Its unconventional, asymmetrical design and captivating origin story render this necklace truly priceless.

As you gaze upon this magnificent necklace, you can’t help but marvel at the sheer beauty and rarity it embodies. Each diamond, meticulously selected and placed, contributes to the overall splendor of this exceptional piece. The interplay of light and shadow, the delicate balance of the diamonds, and the exquisite craftsmanship all combine to create a truly mesmerizing work of art.
The “Incomparable” necklace stands as a testament to the wonders that can emerge from unexpected places. Its story, intertwined with the resilience of the little girl who discovered it, adds an element of enchantment to its already remarkable presence. This necklace is not merely a piece of jewelry; it is a symbol of the extraordinary and the extraordinary within us.

8. Blue Moon Of Josephine ($48.4 Million)

Blue Moon Of Josephine ($48.4 Million) - expensive piece of jewelry

The Blue Moon diamond, weighing 12.03 carats, was initially unearthed in the Cullinan mine located in South Africa back in 2014. This remarkable gem, valued at a staggering $48.4 million, holds the record for the highest price per carat ever achieved for a diamond of any color. The fortunate buyer of this extraordinary jewel was none other than Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau Luen-hung, who acquired it as a gift for his beloved seven-year-old daughter, Josephine. In fact, the diamond was even christened with her name, symbolizing the profound significance it held for their family.

9. Pink Emerald-Cut Graff Diamond ($46.2 Million)

Pink Emerald-Cut Graff Diamond ($46.2 Million)

Ranking just shy of the top spot on our list of the world’s most exorbitant jewelry is the awe-inspiring Graff Diamond, boasting a staggering value of $46.2 million. In a historic auction moment back in 2010, this resplendent 24.78-carat vivid pink diamond captivated the renowned jeweler Laurence Graff, shattering all previous records. Acquiring the gem from its previous owner, Harry Winston, who had cherished it within his personal collection for countless years, Graff took it upon himself to meticulously recut and bestow a new name upon this extraordinary treasure. What truly sets this masterpiece apart is its enchanting emerald cut, radiating an unparalleled purity reminiscent of the finest white diamonds, while simultaneously exuding a delightful hue that is simply mesmerizing.

10. The Orange – $36 Million

The Orange – $36 Million ( Expensive Piece of Jewelry)

Completing our compilation of the ten most expensive pieces of jewelry in the world is “The Orange,” valued at a staggering $36 million. This extraordinary gem was auctioned at Christie’s Geneva in November 2013, marking a historic moment as the largest fancy vibrant orange diamond ever to be sold in such a manner. Not surprisingly, it garnered an unprecedented offer of $35.5 million, surpassing its estimated value of $21 million by a significant margin.

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