Furniture brands with the highest level of exclusivity in the world

High-quality design and craftsmanship are fundamental to all the leading luxury furniture companies, along with their exceptional ability to reimagine spaces with style and flair. The top 10 most expensive and exclusive furniture brands have truly mastered both of these aspects, leaving no detail forgotten.

Boca do Lobo

Expensive Furniture Brand Boca do Lobo

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Portugal, Boca do Lobo’s contemporary and trendsetting design pieces seamlessly blend traditional techniques with cutting-edge technology. These exquisite creations can be found in luxury department stores like Harrods in London, as well as in renowned hospitality venues and casinos worldwide, including The New York Palace Hotel. Moreover, Boca do Lobo’s collections have also graced numerous residential projects.

Fendi Casa

Exclusive Furniture Brand - Fendi Casa

Designed with a focus on superior quality, functionality, and elegance, the Fendi Casa collection was born in 1988 when its visionary owners, Alberto Vignatelli and Anna Fendi, sought to extend their business into the realm of interior design, applying the same principles that had made their women’s fashion line a resounding success. Presently, this esteemed maison offers a diverse range of furnishings, spanning from contemporary and modern to timeless classics, and continues to bring the essence of Italian luxury to the most exclusive residences, yachts, and private jets worldwide. Each exquisite piece is meticulously crafted in Italy, ensuring unparalleled style and sophistication.


Delightfull is renowned for its extensive range of lighting designs, which seamlessly blend futuristic concepts with a deep appreciation for traditional craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Portugal, who infuse their work with unwavering passion and dedication. The collection encompasses a diverse array of lighting solutions, ranging from avant-garde graphic lamps perfect for hotels and clubs, to timeless vintage classics. Every creation possesses a distinct identity and exudes an unparalleled elegance, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any space with its strong design presence.


Edra most expensive furniture brand

The company, originating from Tuscany, is renowned for its extensive research in materials and technologies, aiming to provide unmatched comfort and relaxation. With a strong basis in artistic tradition, it has seamlessly blended this with a contemporary approach to furniture design. The sofas, armchairs, and other products exude a timeless and exclusive aura, making them incredibly versatile in any setting. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and specialized expertise, Edra’s collections epitomize elegance and exceptional performance. Furthermore, they are prominently featured in renowned international contemporary art and design museums worldwide.

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware is a prestigious luxury brand that offers a wide range of home furnishings. Their work encompasses both timeless, updated classics and authentic reproductions. As a curator of design, taste, and style, the company collaborates with talented artisans to bring forth fresh ideas and unique product designs each season. These exquisite creations are showcased in galleries and outlets across the United States and Canada.


At the core of the brand lies fierceness and intensity, qualities essential for crafting captivating storytelling pieces by hand. These creations not only infuse strength and power into the urban environments they inhabit but also reflect the commitment to diversity. The wide range of materials and finishes, coupled with the diverse selection of products, including furniture, upholstery, lighting, and rugs, breathe life into the most exclusive residential and hospitality projects worldwide.


Koket the most exclusive furniture brand

With an unwavering commitment to captivate and empower, the collection of statement pieces, design experiences, and captivating content is distributed worldwide through a carefully curated network of esteemed interior designers and luxury retailers. Guided by the visionary Founder, Janet Morais, whose profound expertise in interior design and branding shapes her creative perspective, Koket designers meticulously attend to every intricate detail.

Maison Valentina

Every exquisite statement piece is meticulously handcrafted in Portugal, using only the finest materials, showcasing the unwavering dedication of the Maison. The commitment lies in redefining the very essence of comfort and luxury within the realm of the bathroom space. From elegant washbasins and luxurious bathtubs to exquisite lighting fixtures and opulent upholstery, the products seamlessly blend exceptional functionality with unparalleled sophistication.

Tom Dixon

tom dixon

This British luxury design brand has a presence in 90 countries and is renowned for its innovative approach to materials and techniques. The Design Research Studio, with an impressive global portfolio encompassing retail, hospitality, and co-working venues, not only offers exceptional products but also creates and reinvents spaces. Tom Dixon, the Founder and Creative Director, is celebrated for his originality in design and has received numerous prestigious awards for his work.

Bentley Home

Bentley Home Expensive Furniture Brand

Bentley Home embodies the remarkable collaboration between Bentley, the esteemed British luxury automobile manufacturer, and Club House Italia, a distinguished European furniture design company renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship. This extraordinary alliance seamlessly merges the opulence and comfort synonymous with Bentley’s automotive masterpieces, while incorporating the timeless elegance of wood and leather into the realm of interior design. The fusion of these two iconic brands is further enhanced by the unparalleled artistry of Italian craftsmanship, renowned for its meticulous attention to detail and the utilization of premium materials. As a testament to its unrivaled quality, Bentley Home furniture graces the most prestigious hotel suites across the globe, elevating the standard of luxury and sophistication.

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