Top 10 Most Luxurious Marble Selections in The World.

When it comes to enhancing the beauty of your home, it is crucial to bring your A-game. One aspect that demands your attention in elevating the aesthetic appeal of your house is the flooring and walls. While painting can certainly make a difference, taking it up a notch with marble can truly exude sophistication. Marbles effortlessly showcase your refined taste and add an undeniable charm to your home. The lustrous quality of marble not only provides a smooth surface but also serves as a seal of excellence in your pursuit of home improvement. If you are someone who spares no effort when it comes to decoration, you may be wondering, “Which marble is the epitome of luxury?”

Here are the top 10 luxurious and most popular marbles

1. LuxTouch

LuxTouch - Most Expensive and Luxurious Marble

LuxTouch reigns as the world’s most expensive marble or tile, boasting a mesmerizing fusion of diamonds, mother of pearl, and marble that transforms it into a true work of art. With a staggering price tag of $100,000 per tile, as reported by Black Diamond, this luxurious marvel commands a jaw-dropping $1 Million per square meter. It comes as no surprise that LuxTouch is the go-to choice for the most extravagant projects, where no expense is spared in the pursuit of opulence and beauty.
In essence, marble continues to epitomize luxury and sophistication. The exorbitant price of these marbles is a testament to their rarity, breathtaking beauty, and the meticulous craftsmanship involved in their extraction and processing. Despite their hefty cost, the demand for these exquisite materials remains unwavering, underscoring the fact that true beauty and exceptional quality are truly priceless. As the world of design continues to evolve, marble’s timeless allure ensures that it will remain a highly sought-after material for years to come.

2. Nero Portoro

Nero Portoro

Nero Portoro, an exquisite black marble adorned with elegant golden veins, encapsulates the epitome of opulence. Hailing from the quarries of Italy, this marble possesses a breathtaking beauty that comes with a hefty price tag. The remarkable interplay between its deep black backdrop and the shimmering gold veins transforms it into a captivating centerpiece for any interior space. Valued at an astounding $2,853 per square meter, this marble stands as a testament to its exclusivity and the meticulous craftsmanship required for its extraction and processing.

3. Calacatta

most luxurious marble - Calacatta Marble

When it comes to natural white marble stone, Calacatta stands out as the epitome of luxury. Quarried from the same location as Carrara White Statuario, Calacatta boasts a stunningly bright white color and more pronounced veining.
However, it’s important to note that Calacatta, like Carrara marble, comes in various varieties, each with its own unique characteristics. Among the most popular options are Calacatta Gold, Calacatta Oro, and Calacatta Extra. Among these, Calacatta Oro is particularly rare and highly coveted, featuring a captivating blend of grey and gold veining that combines the best features of other Calacatta marbles. The exclusivity and beauty of Calacatta marble come at a price. On average, a square meter of Calacatta marble costs approximately $1,938, equivalent to around $180 per square foot. If you’re considering using this exquisite white marble for your bathroom or kitchen, be prepared to invest thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars. It’s no wonder that Calacatta marble is one of the most sought-after options in the market.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Calacatta marble is an imported material, which further contributes to its high cost. Its rarity and the meticulous craftsmanship required to extract and shape this marble make it a truly exceptional choice for those seeking the pinnacle of elegance and sophistication in their living spaces.

4. Carrara White Statuario

Carrara White Statuario Marble

Although Carrara marble is often considered one of the most affordable types of marble, generally costing about $40 per square foot ($430 per square meter), there are some varieties that can be quite expensive. One of the most valuable types of Carrara marble is Carrara White Statuario, which bears a striking resemblance to the slightly pricier Calacatta stone. This exquisite white-grey marble comes with a price tag of about $135 per square foot ($1,453 per square meter).

What sets Carrara White Statuario apart is its subtle coloration, making it a sought-after alternative to more heavily veined marbles. Unlike other options, this marble offers a more uniform appearance in terms of coloration. This unique quality makes it an excellent choice for bathroom and kitchen walls, as well as floors. Not only does Carrara White Statuario possess an elegant aesthetic, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to any space. Its timeless appeal and versatility make it a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers alike.
Furthermore, the durability of Carrara marble ensures that it can withstand the demands of daily use without losing its charm. Its resistance to heat and moisture makes it an ideal material for kitchen countertops and backsplashes. Investing in Carrara White Statuario is not only a wise financial decision but also a way to elevate the overall aesthetic of your home. Its luxurious appearance and enduring quality make it a worthwhile addition to any interior design project.
In conclusion, while Carrara marble is generally known for its affordability, Carrara White Statuario stands out as a premium option. Its exquisite appearance, uniform coloration, and durability make it a top choice for those seeking a touch of elegance and sophistication in their living spaces.

5. Rosso Diaspro

Rosso Diaspro, also known as Diaspro Di Sicilia, is a luxurious iron-red marble originating from the beautiful Italian island of Sicily. Renowned for its unparalleled coloration, this marble stands out as one of the most unique and captivating stones in the world.
What sets Rosso Diaspro apart is its remarkable array of colors. From creamy hues to beige tones, from deep blacks to vibrant reds, this marble showcases a mesmerizing interplay of colors, creating captivating patterns and veins that are truly extraordinary. The rarity of this marble is undeniable, with only a limited number of large slabs ever being listed online. Consequently, determining its price per square foot becomes an arduous task. However, if you are fortunate enough to come across Rosso Diaspro for sale, be prepared to invest a substantial amount of money, as it commands a hefty price tag, often reaching thousands of dollars per slab. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the reddish rock-like colors of Rosso Diaspro may not appeal to everyone’s taste. If you prefer a cleaner and more refined aesthetic, you might find yourself drawn to the timeless elegance of Carrara or Calacatta marble instead.

6. Noir Belge

Noir Belge Marble

White marble is the most popular variety of marble stone, closely followed by black marble. However, when it comes to the darker and more mysterious types of stone, there is no option more expensive than Noir Belge, also known as Belgian Black.
Noir Belge possesses an exquisite beauty with its subtle veining, resembling a starry night sky. This particular marble is only extracted from a handful of underground quarries, and the production is limited. Despite its scarcity, Noir Belge is highly sought after for contemporary homes that boast neutral color schemes. Its unique appearance makes it a favored choice among homeowners. Additionally, sculptors and artists frequently turn to Belgian Black marble due to its exceptional qualities, further driving up the demand for this exquisite stone.

Finding this particular type of marble for sale can be quite a challenge, much like other rare and expensive varieties such as Rosso Diaspro. However, Nero Portoro, on the other hand, is relatively more accessible and easier to locate and acquire.

7. Breccia Capraia

Breccia Capraia

Breccia Capraia is a type of tile that bears a striking resemblance to Bianco Dolomiti, yet it possesses a few discernible distinctions. Notably, Breccia Capraia boasts thicker and more abundant veins compared to the whiter and somewhat plainer Bianco Dolomiti.
These veins typically exhibit a dark grey hue, although they can also manifest as beige or light grey. Regardless of the specific shade, Breccia Capraia undeniably captivates the eye more than Bianco Dolomiti. Consequently, it is highly sought after and commands a higher price.
Securing a slab of Breccia Capraia for purchase proves to be quite challenging, as these coveted pieces tend to sell out swiftly upon listing. This exquisite grey-and-white marble undoubtedly ranks among the most expensive options, with a price tag of approximately $80 per square foot ($861 per square meter).

8. Greek White Thassos

Greek White Thassos (the most expensive marble)

If you are in search of the finest quality marble stone, look no further than Mediterranean marble. Italy and Greece are renowned for producing some of the most exquisite marble stones, including the highly coveted Greek White Thassos. While certain variations of Greek White Thassos may display delicate veining, the White Thassos Extra is completely pure white. This particular marble has been a popular choice for centuries, thanks to its uniform white appearance. Its absence of noticeable marbling makes it a perfect complement to Noir Belge, which is its contrasting shade.

However, it is important to note that Greek White Thassos can be quite expensive. The price range for this marble typically falls between $20 and $60 per square foot ($215 to $645 per square meter).
By opting for Mediterranean marble, specifically Greek White Thassos, you can be assured of acquiring the highest quality stone available. Its timeless appeal and versatility make it an excellent choice for various design projects.

9. Bianco Dolomiti

top luxurious marble - Bianco Dolomiti

The most expensive marble pieces often boast a strikingly pure white shade that evokes the timeless beauty of ancient Greek and Roman structures. Picture glistening white columns and impeccable marble sculptures.
Among these coveted varieties of marble is Bianco Dolomiti, renowned for its delicate white tones and subtle grey veins. However, despite its Italian name, most Bianco Dolomiti tiles are actually extracted from quarries in Turkey. On average, this exquisite marble commands a price of approximately $38 per square foot ($409 per square meter).

10. Amazonite Green Marble

The Luxury Marble - Amazonite Green Marble

The mesmerizing Amazonite Green Marble boasts a distinctive blue-green hue, setting it apart as one of the most extraordinary marble stones found on our planet. With its mineral-rich composition, this marble variety often showcases captivating gold, grey, or black veins, enhancing its elegant aesthetic and fueling its ever-growing popularity.
Originating from the mines of Thailand and Brazil, the import costs associated with Amazonite Green Marble slabs and tiles significantly contribute to its lofty price tag. Despite this, this enchanting stone remains relatively affordable, priced at a mere $100 per square meter (approximately $9 per square foot). However, it is worth noting that while Amazonite Green Marble holds its allure, it does not reign as the most coveted marble option. In the realm of marble, it is the pristine white stones that reign supreme, commanding the highest demand.

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